Ethan's Madness part 2

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part 1

[heavy atmosphere, dull colors]

Ethan is sitting on a metal chair in a large room with gray walls and gray floor ... It's very cold. An old television is hung on a corner of the ceiling. He tries to move his hands but they're tied ... ... He looks and sees a white camisole force holding his arms. He starts to panic.

[How I made it here? where am i? ]

Ethan tries to free itself many times with all the strength he got but the fabric is to tight his to his arms and he ends up getting tired. A mouse made its way near the feet of Ethan and it just crawl around him. He turns his head to see the chair which he sits on. The chair seems to be a dentist chair with green cushions ... a color green that hurts the eyes only by looking at it. The TV screen glitches a bit, the screen shows an opera scene... A woman in the center starts to sing opera.

[Yet this song ... It will eventually cause me to murder someone ..]

Some neon is flickering on the ceiling, making the perfect piece for a nightmarish atmosphere. Engine noise echoed through the small room, startling Ethan

" What the ..."

The chair which Ethan sits on begins to go up more and more, bringing up his face a few inches from the TV, forcing him to watch it. Always the same music... again and again... He waits in this position for an hour. Ethan has his eyes wide opens and flutters a lot, his eyes hurts a lot.

[this song will drive me crazy]

"Please ... let me get out of here .."

Ethan sticks his forehead on the television screen, he closes his eyes... no longer able to hold on

"No doors, not even a window," he whispers to himself

A «high school speaker» noise is heard, a very deep voice begins to speak: "Hello Ethan, this is a psychoanalysis test to know if your results improved since the last time...  when we're going to activate the blacklights, you will be able to see codes, written on the walls. We want you to solve this code and then, we'll let you get out of here."  The same strange speaker noise then ... nothing ... TV opens again.... the woman starts her singing again....

Ethan rolls his eyes.

"Please stop .. what do you want?"

Regular light goes out, the room's light turns a dark purple. A long series ofdark red codes fills  the walls.

[27493827 45397534, 543987543, 54398222, 5328284, 223432423, ...]

"... But these are ... numbers ..?!?!?! what kind of joke is this ? "

Ethan starts to read the numbers and focuses on them.

[If only they could shut the music ...]

The volume of the music increases, it echoes in the room.

[No no......]

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part 2

Three hours passed,  which Ethan has been staring at the wall, trying to find the solution

"... The answer is 242 ..."

The music stops, the speaker glitches again, "No, this is wrong again ..." Music starts back. The same scene goes on again and again with several other answers.

*You can see two shadows on the other side of the wall, they begin to talk to each other:

?? "It's amazing .. he found it, his first answer was right ! He is very bright .. but.. then I want to understand ... why say he didn't get it ... and why not keep your promise and free him ? "

?? (A male voice): "Because my study is not complete ... that's why Natalia"

(Ethan, on the other side of the wall does not hear the discussion of the two shadows.)


Ethan breathes louder ... He is really tired... music is making him dizzy... he wants to kill someone.. or something ... anything...


The rage is in Ethan's eyes,  as the music continues, his eyes turns bloody red.....